Friday, June 28, 2013

Hi all, a few more days, a few more photos.

Here is S working hard

And she's done

Hubby and D finished all the bracing in between the walls and we should be putting up interior walls this weekend

S is ecstatic that the walls are finished.  (Not really, she just wants to go home)

Well folks, that's it for now, we'll be back Monday with new photos.  See ya!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hi all, back again.  I have some more photos of interior work.  Basically hubby and D attaching the 2x2's to the 2x4's.  But with the new air nailer it went pretty quick.

D nailing the last one

And here is a photo of all of them done.  Well, all except under the windows.

We will be framing the interior walls this week, which leads to electrical and plumbing, etc.

I've also attached some random pictures from around the place.

new lights

new lights lit

orange begonia

red begonia
They have latin names, I'm sure, but I can't remember them.

Red geranium

Pink geranium

And my hydrangea

I planted 3 of the hydrangeas, we'll see how they do.

Well, that's all we have this time, as I said we will be putting up the interior walls next so we should have lots of pictures on the next post.  See ya then.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back again, with photos of the freshly painted exterior as promised.  We spent all of Saturday painting and actually finished most of it.  We had the whole gang out working.

We painted the doors to match the shutters, and painted all of the block on the bottom.

Hubby prepping the area for paint

We made a lot of progress, and it looks like a whole different house.  It went from this

to this

We added new lights as well

Here is a view from the road

Hubby is going to be busy this week nailing 2x2's in and bracing the walls.  We will be doing a lot of planting this week too.  We should have new photos to show in a couple of days.  See ya later!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Back again with new photos and exciting news!

Here is D helping lay the felt paper

Here is a long shot of the same

Yes, that big hole is supposed to be there, it's the stairs to go into the basement

Almost there
D is turning into quite the contractor

Looks all professional doesn't he
When we started, hubby said he just wanted to shoot the floor down, this is his idea of shooting the floor down


Kill da wabbit
Okay, here is the exciting news you've all been waiting for, drumroll please



I know, not really exciting, but it's a big deal for us, and especially for hubby.  It means we can start on the walls next.  That should go a lot quicker.  That's it for now, hopefully we will have photos of the exterior on the next post, if the weather holds out.  See ya soon.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hi all, back again with new photos.  Hubby has been working hard laying the floor with lots of help from D and Dad.

Here's Dad laying floor in what will be a bedroom

Moving supports to repair some damaged plywood

Here is a shot of one side finished

And a shot of what needs to be done

Some shots of D keeping the area clean

One of the repairs that needed to done

And another small one
They are moving along pretty good and should have the floor finished this week, it's very time consuming since they have to move the lumber from one area to another as they work.  Once the floor is finished they will be starting on the walls.

I've also attached some more photos of the outside. 

Too many white vehicles

View of the side yard

Back yard
You can just see the gorgeous rhododendren in the back. Well, that's it for now, we will post some more later this week.