Monday, June 24, 2013

Hi all, back again.  I have some more photos of interior work.  Basically hubby and D attaching the 2x2's to the 2x4's.  But with the new air nailer it went pretty quick.

D nailing the last one

And here is a photo of all of them done.  Well, all except under the windows.

We will be framing the interior walls this week, which leads to electrical and plumbing, etc.

I've also attached some random pictures from around the place.

new lights

new lights lit

orange begonia

red begonia
They have latin names, I'm sure, but I can't remember them.

Red geranium

Pink geranium

And my hydrangea

I planted 3 of the hydrangeas, we'll see how they do.

Well, that's all we have this time, as I said we will be putting up the interior walls next so we should have lots of pictures on the next post.  See ya then.

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