Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Okay, since I have a bonus half day off work due to the dreaded lake effect snow storm we're supposed to get, I figured it was time to update the blog.  I'm just going to put photos in some sequence that correspond with the last photos from October 2013.

Hubbys shed, where he keeps all his manly stuff, it's also hardwired, with cable

Wild grapes, wine!

Replacing the BIG windows

Drywalling the bathroom

We hate drywall

We really hate drywall,all 96 sheets of it

The mighty wood stove, soapstone

The almost finished bathroom

80 year old dresser and mirror and vessel sink

The outhouse in winter

View from back of the house

Manly fire

Possum from under burn barrel, they really do play dead

Almost finished kitchen, 1940's Wasserstrom work table, bought in Kentucky

S helping do spring cleanup, had to put blocks on the gas pedal for her

Dad, turkey hunting on property

Will take more pictures and post soon, now that it's updated.  Thanks for reading

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  1. Hey Cassie, thanks for leaving a message on my blog, I just thought I'd pop over to have a look at your project! You've done a massive amount of work, that's fantastic. I love your antique chest of drawers with the sink on, it looks great. I love antique furniture, we've got a great warehouse near us with some lovely stuff in. If I was allowed to go too often I'd have no money for a house refurb but plenty of furniture to go in it! Keep up the hard work, can't wait to see the progress.